Leather Care

Leather is a tough organic material that requires little care but, like a good boat, occasionally it needs a bit of attention. Think of your leather just as you would think of your skin. When it begins to dry out, a little oil restores it's beauty and suppleness. Dry scratches and scrapes just dissappear. We've developed a system that is the best way to care for our leather products. If you follow these steps, once a year, your Baileywicke leather pieces will serve you beautifully for many decades.

Saddle Soap 3 1/2 oz

The first step is to clean the leather. Saddle soap is actually a detergent with conditioners friendly to leather. Use it like you would a bar of soap. Using a cloth (an old wash cloth, sock, or t-shirt) soak it, wring it out and using circular motions go over the soap until you work up a lather. Rub this lather all over the smooth side of the leather, including the straps, inside pockets, etc. Pay special attention to spots, water marks, and extra dirty areas. When you're finished wipe away any extra lather (check the seams) and allow it to dry then apply LEXOL. $3.50


LEXOL 200ml

Now that the surface is clean, it needs to be oiled and conditioned. Using the same kind of old rag that you used for the soap but not wet, pour a small amount on the rag and apply to the leather in circular motions, covering the entire surface until it glistens just as it would if it were wet. Wipe away any bubbles or white streaks, and allow the surface to dry, then buff it with a clean cloth. Beautiful!

That's all your leather really needs to be safe and ready for another year. But, if you want it to really glow, then apply some Leather Balm With Atom Wax. $7.00

Leather Balm w/ Atom Wax4 oz

We call it just Balm and, when we refurbish our bags, this is the last step. It has waxes in it that gives the leather a great mellow glow. After the LEXOL has dried (over night is ideal), apply the Balm the same way as with the LEXOL, wiping away any streaks and bubbles. Allow it to dry (15-20 min. or over night) then buff it with a clean cloth. Admire the glow. $4.50