John Bailey of the Baileywicke creates these drawings of Cape May scenes - one each year (with a 3-year Sabatical between 2003 & 2007); then, Steve Barlow crafts them, for John, in fine scrimshaw, engraved in micarta (a man-made material with no endangered ivory). Nicely gift boxed. $23.00
Ornament & year created


New Cape May Lighthouse lantern, based on a watercolor by John.

Cold Spring 2007


Cold Spring Lifesaving Station, est. 1868 and rebuilt in 1891. Originally operated by the Lifesaving Service then recommisioned as a Coast Guard base when the Treasury Department combined the two services in 1915. It operated as an active station until 1935. In 1939 the Cape May Kiwanis Club bought it from the USCG, at auction, for $65 with the idea of using it as a Boy Scout Headquarters. Today it serves again as the Cape May Kiwanis Clubhouse. John is an active Cape May Kiwanian.


Congress Hall Hotel, one of Cape May's grand old Victorian hotels (ca: 1870). In 2003, the hotel reopened, fully restored and elegant. It had fallen into serious disrepair and many feared its loss to fire or demolition, but a local developer, Curtis Bashaw and several investor friends, pulled it from the jaws of death, just in the nick of time. John designed this ornament to celebrate its rescue in 2003.



South Cape May. In 2002, the cove at the Western end of Beach Avenue in Cape May, gradually began to fill in. Where dolphins once cavorted in the open ocean became a popular beach with life guard stands and a great view of the Cape May Lighthouse. The cove was originally the site of the community of South Cape May that the ocean claimed between 1917 and 1950. Now, it appears that the sea is returning what it once claimed. John designed this ornament to commemorate its return and Cape May's newest beach.
Michael Laird Theater
The Cape May Stage Theater,  Lafayette & Bank Streets. John created this year's ornament in memory of his good friend Michael Laird (2/10/1949-1/6/2001), founder of Cape May Stage. The equity theater company continues regular performances in the building, originally the Cape Island Presbyterian Church (ca. 1853). 
Cape May Lighthouse top
Discontinued (See 2013 new Lighthouse) Cape May Lighthouse top (1859). Now a maritime museum maintained by MAC. John completed his book, Sentinel of the Jersey Cape, in the year 2000. This ornament commemorates that publication. The drawing itself is integral to the design of the book.
Emlen Physick Mansion
The Emlen Physick mansion (ca: 1878). Now a Victorian house museum managed by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC). The porch side of the house is shown in winter with a blustery night sky covering the moon. 

Chalfonte in Winter


Chalfonte in Winter. One of three authentic Victorian Hotels left in Cape May (ca: 1875), we see it as it may have seen winters past, with a horse-drawn carriage passing by in the snowy street. John is extremely interested in saving these remaining old Cape May hotels. This ornament hi-lights his interest. (Remaining: Congress Hall, the Colonial, and the Chalfonte.) 

This ornament is the fouth in the series, And has been retired.

Rotary Bandstand


Rotary Bandstand Tree. Cape May's Rotary Bandstand hosts the City's Christmas Tree. When Santa arrives in Cape May, the town's children gather at the Bandstand for the lighting of the tree, carols, and stories. John created the ornament to commemorate this annual event. 

Hotel Cape May


Hotel Cape May (ca: 1905).  The Demolition of this historic hotel in the winter of '96 bitterly divided the Cape May restoration community. John commemorated the event with this ornament. His tribute to the old hotel.

This ornament is the second in the series - Chalfonte in Winter, this and the first ornament, Lighthouse at Cape May Point, have been retired.



The Lighthouse at Cape May Point. The Lighthouse site in winter with a blanket of snow on the ground, trees and oil house. The Keeper's footprints in the snow indicate a visit to the oil house for a refill during the night. The first ornament of the series, it has long been retired and has become the most sought-after for those that wish to complete the set. (Keep an eye out on eBay!)
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