Yuletides & Evergreens, The Lore of Christmas in Cape May, (28 min. Stereo) Join Father Christmas as he wanders through Cape May's winter wonderland and visits its decorated homes and B&Bs. Explore with him the history, the myths, the lore of this most wonderful of Victorian holidays. The late Michael Laird as Father Christmas.  (DVD)

Requiem For An Admiral

Requiem For An Admiral 1908-1996, The History and Demolition of a Historic Cape May Hotel . (30 min. Stereo) This video traces the tragic history of the Hotel Cape May from the turn of the twentieth century, when a grand hotel for East Cape May was only a spark for a grandiose dream, through to the dramatic step-byh-step demolition of the Christian Admiral Hotel. Who were the builders and who were the dreamers? What was their dream and why did they fail, again and again? They built their great hotel to last for centuries, yet it is gone in less than ninety years. Why? Join local historian, author, and videographer, John Bailey as he aims his camera at one of Cape May's important historic buildings, brings nobility to it's final hours, and breathes life back into the great hotel and into those who dreamed. (DVD)


To learn more about the Hotel Cape May, visit the following link - The Christian Admiral Hotel

Sentinel of the Jersey Cape, The History of the Cape May, NJ Lighthouse.  (32 min. Stereo) A personalized guided tour of this historic Lighthouse by one of the site's foremost authorities and enthusiasts, historian John Bailey. His video lens probes the history of this and earlier lighthouses that have watched over this busy Cape. He brings us completely up to date with the latest restoration efforts and the mysterious disappearance of South Cape May. (DVD) $19.95.

Hillsboro Light - Built 1905-1907 . (35 min. Stereo) A video that explores the lighthouse at Hillsboro Inlet (Pompano Beach, FL) and its heritage; a saga that includes the vibrant history of South Florida itself from the time that the area was a young isolated frontier, with sparse settlers and dedicated lighthouse keepers who braved the unknown and the unexpected from hurricanes to Indian attacks. Join David Butler, local historian and president of the Pompano Beach Historical Society; and John Bailely historian/videographer as they probe South Florida's Lighthouse history, explore the Hillsboro Inlet Station, and climb the tower. (The view is spectacular!) (VHS only.) Closeout $5.00

Mrs Ralstons Cottage
Mrs. Ralston's Cottage, The History of the Emlen Physick Estate in Cape May, NJ . (30 min. Stereo) This unique documentary traces the history of one of Cape May's most magnificent mansions. Believed to have been designed by Frank Furness for Francis Ralston and her son, Dr. Emlen Physick. The house fell into terrible dis-repair and was slated for demolition. However, the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts has saved this magnificent cottage and it is open daily as the Emlen Physick Estate House Museum. (VHS DVD)$19.95

USS Charles R. Ware DD-865, The Story of a US Navy Destroyer, (25 min. Stereo). This World War II destroyer carried the name of LT Charles Rollins Ware from Athens TN, a hero of the Battle of Midway. She sailed the seas for 36 years until the Navy scuttled her on November 15, 1981. This is her story as told by the men that sailed her and remember her as they gather annually at the ship’s reunions. This action packed video includes: the dynamic evolution of the U. S. Navy’s Destroyer Service; the story of LT Ware’s heroism at Midway; a tour of the ship from bridge to berthing; the history of the ship from her launching in 1945 at Bethlehem Steel to her adoption by the City of Athens, TN, as her final home port. It includes the story of her survival from the “perfect storm” of Ash Wednesday, 1962; her involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis; and combat footage from Vietnam (where John learned to really respect her). This video plays continuously in the McMinn County Living Heritage Museum in Athens, TN as the orientation video for the ship’s artifacts rooms. (DVD)$19.95




USS Charles R Ware DD-865 Selected for screening at the prestigious 2005 Hollywood DV/HD Film Festival.

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